Fundraising Playbook

by Wefunder

Our time-tested guides, templates, and resources to help your Community Round run smoothly at every stage. For additional support, book time with the Fundraising Team.

Phase Two

Private Launch

Start collecting investments from your network through 1:1 outreach and offering early access to angel investors, friends and family, customers, and anyone else who can help you reach over 25% of your funding goal.

Phase Three

Public Launch

Reach beyond your personal network using social media, ads, Wefunder's marketing perks, and other promotions. Aim to reach over 65% of your funding goal before moving into your Closing phase.

Phase Four


The last 2 weeks before the fundraise ends. Reach back out to everyone you've contacted, ask people to invest again or increase their commitments, and drive FOMO to get a final bump in investments. Reach 100% of your goal!

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