How to enter your final 2 weeks and

Close Strong

Reach back out to everyone asking them to invest or increase their investment, update every day, and emphasize the closing date.

When does Closing start?

When you've reached at least 65% of your goal, it's time to plan a date and time around 1-2 weeks out to end your Community Round.

Once you've decided the date and time that you'll close your campaign to further investments, you'll work with your Account Manager to put a countdown clock on your campaign page while preparing to get that final bump in investments to bring you to 100% of your goal.

Post an update every day

Generally, every campaign sees its biggest spikes in investment volume at the very beginning (launch day) and at the end.

Take advantage of the end by posting every day to your channels and following up with every 1:1 contact that ever expressed interest.

In every single communication you send out, celebrate the success of your campaign. Use the below template across your campaign Updates.

Subject: {X days} left to invest in {company}'s Community Round!

Our Community Round closes in {X days} on {date}! Invest before we close our round {link to page}.

If you invested in this round, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your contribution will be fundamental for [company]’s continual growth and success as we work to [insert mission statement].

Optional: Each day, add a blurb on one of the following to mix it up:

  1. Key accomplishments in the past month, quarter, or year
  2. Key plans in the next month, quarter, or year
  3. Notable investors in your Community Round
  4. Market trends in your favor
  5. A sincere note of gratitude
  6. A recap of your mission
  7. A final call to invest

Text every investor who ever expressed interest

Make time to follow up with everyone you reached out to 1:1 during your Community Round. Send a text to any larger investors that expressed interest but haven't invested yet. Make sure they know the campaign is wrapping up. Make time to chat with them.

Ramp up your promotions

If you've already set up paid ads, activate and ramp up what's working in this last 1-2 weeks.

Go all out (again) on the last day

On the final day of the campaign, cycle back through all of these channels with one last reminder that this is it.

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