How to Create

A Media Kit

Help others help you. Give them a kit of exactly what, where, and how to share the news of your Community Round.

What is a media kit, and why do I need one?

When you launch something big and exciting into the world, like a company or a product or a Community Round, it's usually a big and exciting event for your friends and community to witness! Naturally, people who support you will want to help you spread the word—but they might not actually know how.

A media kit helps your community help you. In it, you'll prepare all of your copy-and-pasteable copy, downloadable assets, handles to tag, links, and specific asks ahead of time. In its simplest form, this can just be a 1-pager on Google Docs.

Here are some templates you can use to speed up the process:

Here’s an email you can send to make the ask:

Subject: Help spread the word about our Community Round?

Hey {name, or community},

As you know, {company} is launching our Community Round on {date}. Our goal is to raise {goal amount}. To do that, we’re hoping to make a big splash on launch day and at least aim to hit {day 1 goal} on day 1. This will be a huge help for building momentum the rest of the campaign!

I know you’re busy, but if you have time on {launch date} within the 4 hour window of {start time} to {end time}, I would appreciate any help I can get from the community to spread the word.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Like, Comment on, or Share our launch posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, and TikTok: the links in this doc [attached] will populate live once we post them at {start time}.
  2. Create a native post on {platform} or {platform} to help spread the word about our launch. See {GDoc} for copy and assets you can download instantly

Thank you so much for your help!


Here’s a simple media kit template you can duplicate:

Copy and paste the below into your own Google Doc:

How to share {company}’s Community Round Launch

tl;dr: Toolkit of copy and assets to share our Community Round announcement

Campaign Link: {insert link to your Wefunder campaign}


Announcement Links:

Instructions: During {time window} on {date}, would appreciate any amplification on these posts:

  1. {link #1}: Like, retweet, comment
  2. {link #2}: Like, comment, share
  3. {link #3}: Share

Copy Snippets:

Instructions: Copy and paste these if you need to describe what {company} is

The short version

Company is a local grocery-playground helping dogs achieve their full potential through gourmet nibblets, a cognitively enhancing snack maze, and bountiless love.

The long version

Company is a local grocery-playground helping dogs achieve their full potential through gourmet nibblets, a cognitively enhancing snack maze, and bountiless love. Founded in 1999 by Brawny Appletree, Company’s vision is to create a world where all of our four-legged friends can thrive.


Today they launched their Community Round and are trying to hit a goal of $50,000 on day one. Invest a minimum of $100:


Instructions: Download any of these from this GFolder to post natively

{Insert a Google Drive Folder or Dropbox link with selected images and videos}


  • 9x16: {add preview and link to asset}
  • 1x1: {add preview and link to asset}
  • 16x9: {add preview and link to asset}

Image: Choose any from below:

  • {add preview and link to asset}
  • {add preview and link to asset}

Tag these people in your post:

  • @handle1
  • @handle2
  • @handle3
  • @handle4


#hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

Once you've done this, set aside time to engage and say thank you!

If others are helping you spread the word, make sure to thank them and keep the conversation going.

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