How to Use

Paid Media

Optional strategies to amplify your raise, like paid ads, press placements, and working with fundraising experts.

How do Publishers Work?

The Community Round space is filled with publishers and outlets that focus on investment opportunities. A few of the better known ones are KingsCrowd and Angels & Entrepreneurs.

This document contains templated press releases, emails, and pitches for founders to craft their own marketing campaigns with publishers.

Some publishers offer paid placement, but mileage may vary based on the distribution, niche, and deals that individual publishers work with.

For companies with strong ties to their local area, whether it's through their product, physical location, or hometown, reach out to local press and newsletters.

Companies in the tech space should identify publishers in their vertical and reach out. For example, CleanTechnica publishes exclusively in the cleantech vertical. 

How do Content Partners Work?

For founder who need a pitch deck, video, or marketing collateral, we recommend working with a content partner. Feel free to reach out to our preferred partners, a selection of which are listed below:

How to Leverage Campaign Managers and Strategists

Running community rounds can be a challenging process for founders, especially if it’s your first one. Hiring a fundraising manager who’s done it before can be tremendously helpful, as they can leverage their knowledge of the market, industry trends, and regulatory requirements to help you create a more efficient campaign that resonates with potential investors.

Fundraising experts help design compelling campaigns, manage investor relations, and navigate the legal and regulatory landscape. Ultimately, working with a fundraising manager can help you save time, minimize risks, and maximize the chances of success for your campaign.

Wefunder has an in-house Fundraising Strategy team that can help you quarterback your campaign, as well as a network of vetted external partners. Please reach out to for introductions.

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