How to Make a Big Splash for

Your Public Launch

Go beyond your network by posting on social media, asking others to cross-promote, and spreading the word far and wide.

How is this different from my Private Launch announcement?

Your Private Launch is meant to give your campaign a leg up through your staunch supporters, friends, family, customers, and community. By opening the round up in tiers, you send a message to your inner circle that they’re being invited to invest before anyone else.

Your Public Phase launch is more of your official launch into the world—to Wefunder’s audience, to Google’s search indexing, and to anyone who stumbles upon the page.

Step 1. Draft your announcement

Here's a template you can use. Adapt it to as many different mediums as you can effectively spread the word on.

Subject: Announcing our Community Round

Exciting news: our Community Round is open to the public! 🎉

As you may know, we opened a Community Round {X time ago} to let our early supporters, customers, and community invest in {company} and our mission to {our mission}.

Today we’re opening our community round to the public so that anyone can invest in {company}—for a minimum of $100!

To recap, in the past {X months}, {company} has:

  • X (impressive metric)
  • Y (big accomplishment)
  • Z (another milestone)

We’re proud of our progress, and we’re raising money from the community to hit our next set of milestones {optional: like x, y, and z}.

Interested in investing? Click “Invest” on our Wefunder page {here}

Or, help us spread the word by forwarding this email, sharing {this} post, or simply giving us some likes and comments on {LinkedIn}, {Twitter}, {IG}, {TikTok}, and {Wefunder}.

Thank you for supporting us in {our mission}.

All the best,

{sign off}

Step 2. Tailor and repurpose across marketing channels

Draft a version of your announcement for every platform you use, and follow best practices for posting in that platform. For example, if you post on LinkedIn or Facebook, put the external links in your first comment instead of the post itself to get better reach with the algorithm. If you bcc an email list, make sure you double check to exclude the investors you reached out to in your personal outreach.

Post wherever your company has a digital audience:

  • Company email list
  • Company Twitter
  • Company LinkedIn
  • Company TikTok
  • Company Instagram
  • Company Facebook Page
  • Company blog
  • Company website section

Post wherever you personally have an audience:

  • Personal Twitter
  • Personal LinkedIn
  • Personal TikTok
  • Personal Instagram
  • Personal Facebook

Step 3. Publish and set aside time to engage

To save time, publish everything in one go. Then schedule time to engage with email replies and comments that come in.

It’s just an algorithmic game, so take the time to engage and push your post to greater visibility.

Extra things you can do for your Public Launch

A few extra measures to consider:

  1. Add a splash page or announcement bar to your website announcing your Community Round
  2. Add a snippet and link to your Community Round in your email signature
  3. Add your Community Round link to your company's social bios
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