How to

Market your Fundraise Post-Form C

A set of 9 marketing email templates from Soft Launch to Closing for companies who've filed their Form C.

Email #1: Pre-marketing

Subject: Become an owner in [COMPANY]

Hello ___,

We've just launched a Community Round – what does that mean? 

This means we’re letting our customers and biggest supporters become investors in [COMPANY] for a minimum investment of $100. We decided to host a Community Round for [COMPANY] on Wefunder to share the upside of our success with the people who know us best: our family, friends, and customers. You are our foundation. 

We're inviting you to become a potential investor in [COMPANY], before we open this round up to the public–giving you priority access before we open to the public + VC’s and reservations sell out. Rather than sharing the fruits of our growth with only a small group of millionaire investors, we want to give our customers a piece of the pie.

Our Community Round is about building a network of people who share our mission and values. The great thing about Wefunder is that it allows anyone—whether or not they’re an accredited investor—to become an angel investor in our company. 

We’re launching on [DATE]. Will you join us?

Keep an eye out tomorrow for details on how to get involved!


Email #2: Pre-marketing

Subject: Why should you invest in our Community Round?

Hello ___,

Yesterday, we introduced you to the concept of a Community Round, and invited you to invest in [Company]’s when it goes live on [DATE].

You may be thinking “Ok, I can invest in [COMPANY], but why should I, and how does that work?” Below we’ve outlined some answers to your possible questions and concerns to make you feel as comfortable with the process as possible:

  • Why should you invest? Investing in startups can earn big returns, though investing shouldn’t be solely about that. To invest in something as risky as a startup, you should feel something extra, beyond just the business model. You're investing because you believe in our product, our founder, and our future, and want to be instrumental to our growth and success. You should only invest as much money as you are comfortable losing.
  • Is it ok to invest a small amount? Absolutely! Even $100 can make a difference.
  • What if I’m an international investor? Wefunder can accept investments from anywhere in the world other than Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. Check out the investment process for international investors here.

We're launching our Wefunder round on [DATE], so keep an eye out for the announcement email so you don’t miss out on the special bonus reserved for the first investors!


Email #3: Initial CTA with VIP offer

Subject: [COMPANY]’s Community Round is Live!

Subheader: Become an owner in the company and share in our growth.

Our Wefunder campaign is now live! You’re invited to join our soft launch. We expect to sell out, so we’re giving our biggest supporters an opportunity to get in first. Check out our Wefunder page (don’t miss the Investor Perks!) and invest here: [URL]

In the past year, [COMPANY] has achieved a lot:

  • Milestone #1
  • Milestone #2
  • Milestone #3

…and we’re so excited to do even more!

We are really excited about the growth that [COMPANY] has seen over the last few months. And we have even more exciting plans for continuing to ramp up our growth in the coming year, with your help! 

Here is a picture of us in action:



Email #4: Live Call Invite

Subject: Sign up for our Wefunder investor seminar!

Hello _____,

As you know, we recently launched our Community Round on Wefunder! We’re really excited about the momentum we’ve been seeing, and wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

We understand that most people are not familiar with Regulation Crowdfunding, and that’s why we’ve decided to host a live call for all prospective investors who may have more questions about our Community Round, what the opportunity is, and how it works. 

Please join us on [DATE] at [URL] for the presentation of our campaign and a live Q&A. We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have!

If you haven’t seen our Wefunder page yet, check it out here: [URL].


Email #5: Call Recording (Consideration)

Subject: There's still time to invest in our Community Round's soft phase.

Hello _____,

We’re blown away by your support since we launched our Community Round on Wefunder {a week ago}.

Whether you join us in this round or not, thank you. We’re so grateful for all your support over the years and appreciate any help you can give, whether it be in writing a check or sharing our page with your friends.

Space is running out to invest under our VIP terms, so don’t wait and lose your chance at getting the most bang for your buck!

Invest here: [URL]


Email #6: Closing VIP Terms

Subject: Get in on our VIP terms while you still can!

Hello _____,

Our Wefunder Community Round is still going strong! We’re so grateful to have already raised funds so quickly in such a short amount of time.

Have you gotten involved yet? Once our VIP slots fills up, there won’t be another chance to get this deal! We hope that you will join us in this round and help us achieve our goal!

[Positive Investor Comment Screenshot]


P.S. Here's a quick video recording on how to open an account and make the investment: [URL]

Email #7: Progress Update

Subject: Invest in our Community Round!

Hello ______,

What a thrilling couple of [weeks, months] it has been. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from people like you that has allowed us to get so close to our crowdfunding goal.

If you haven’t invested yet and want to see some more info, here is what we’ve been up to since we launched our Community Round: (please refrain from mentioning the terms of your campaign when updating investors)

  • Update #1
  • Update #2
  • Update #3

At this stage, many of our investors are increasing their allocations. [Customer Testimonial]

If you want to invest or increase your investment, take action now—our round is closing soon!



P.S. [Attach a quick video of the CEO thanking everyone for the investments]

Email #8: Time is running out

Subject: Time is running out to invest in [Company Name]!

Hi ______,

Help us close out our Community Round with a bang! 💥

For the past [X days/months], we’ve been raising from our day-one supporters, fans, customers, community, and friends. This funding will help us build the next chapter of [COMPANY NAME].

If you’ve already invested in our campaign, thank you. We are so grateful for your support and contribution, no matter the check size. If you haven’t invested yet, what are you waiting for! There’s still room in this round to get involved.

[Insert ‘Invest Now’ button or link]


P.S. [Attach a quick video of the CEO thanking everyone for the investments]

Email #9: Closing soon

Subject: What a ride it has been.

Pre-header: Time is running out to invest in [Company Name]!

Hi _________,

Well, here we are, at the end. It’s been such an incredible journey so far, and watching our community show up to support us has been endlessly fulfilling. If you invested in this round, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your contribution will be fundamental for [COMPANY]’s continual growth and success as we work to [insert mission statement].

Still not convinced? Check out what we’ve been up to during the course of this raise:

  • Company Update #1
  • Company Update #2
  • Company Update #3

We hope you’ll be there with us at the finish line when we cross it!

[Insert “Invest Now” button or link]


P.S. [Attach a quick video of the CEO thanking everyone for the investments]

A quick disclaimer

Please be sure to refrain from mentioning the terms of your campaign on channels outside of the Wefunder platform (e.g. emails & social media).

Terms can include:

  1. Amount of securities offered
  2. Nature of securities offered (e.g. valuation cap)
  3. Price of securities
  4. Closing date of offering period
  5. Planned use of proceeds
  6. Progress toward meeting the funding target

Read more here.

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